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Shown alternately clad in a cowboy hat, jean jacket and leather vest, action-film icon Chuck Norris has taken to YouTube to officially endorse Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for re-election on Jan. 22.

The video — filmed in English but subtitled in Hebrew — is a minute-long tribute to “tough guy” Mr. Netanyahu and comes just a day after real-estate tycoon Donald Trump threw his support behind the Prime Minister.

“With the election only days away, Israel has an important decision to make, so let me tell you what Chuck would do,” the actor says, as an image of him sporting a black leather vest, with bare arms and fists clenched, appears on the screen. “You might think I’m a tough guy in my films, but in a rough neighborhood like the Middle East, Israel has its own tough guy. His name is Bibi Netanyahu.”

Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz called the endorsement “surprising,” and reported that both of this week’s video-taped celebrity endorsements were orchestrated and produced by Republican political consultant Johnny Daniels.

Mr. Daniels told, the online brainchild of controversial right-wing commentator Glenn Beck, that he approached Mr. Norris to do the campaign video because he is “known here in Israel as a big supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

“He agreed happily to be involved in the campaign video for Likud,” Mr. Daniels said, referring to the Prime Minister’s right-wing party.

The roundhousing actor’s portrayal of Mr. Netanyahu as a fighter willing to stand up to Israel’s greatest foes, Iran and Hamas, landed online the same week that an American journalist reporting for Bloomberg revealed President Barack Obama apparently views Mr. Netanyahu a “political coward” whose own policies pose an existential threat to the tiny Jewish nation.

Britain’s The Telegraph classified Mr. Daniels’ campaign videos as little more than a parody of Mr. Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, deeming the pair of endorsement videos “bizarre.”

He agreed happily to be involved in the campaign video for Likud

“The first, which you can watch here, features the candyfloss-headed Donald Trump offering a message of endorsement for Netanyahu,” the paper reported. “The second – if this is not impossible – is even more outré. It shows Chuck Norris, the absurd American martial artists famous for having his neck snapped by Bruce Lee in the 1972 classic Way of the Dragon … You have to see it to believe it.”

As the Philly Post pointed out, Mr. Norris has a historical connection to Israel, having filmed Israeli-directed The Delta Force entirely in the Jewish state and having played a detective deployed to Israel to investigate a rabbi’s death in the 1994 film, Hellbound.

The video closes with a mock movie poster featuring Mr. Norris, stern-faced with a punch thrown, and the words “Chuck Norris approved” in threatening capital letters. Israel will choose its next prime minister on Tuesday, Jan. 22, and is expected to elect Mr. Netanyahu to head a right-wing Likud-Beiteinu alliance.

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