SEAL Team Six Trailer online Friday: Osama bin Laden raid, Hollywood style

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Available for the first time online on Friday, the SEAL Team Six trailer featuring the raid on Osama bin Laden boasts no known stars.

(Photo Credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

The film will not be shown in its entirety until right before the election, however. And that maybe because a delayed showing date for the complete film could best aid President Obama in trying to sell the voting public on his ability as commander-in-chief to handle national security matters.

But who will have forgotten such things as the Secret Service Sex Scandal in Cartagena and the “What did they know, and when did they know it” talk due to the Benghazi, Libya, attack?

The trailer is set to whet appetites now for a taste of what is to come about one of the most talked-about American military coups of all time: the death of the 9/11 mastermind.

Collider reports that Voltage Pictures presents the Osama bin Laden film produced by the same group that produced The Hurt Locker, and titled the same as the most wanted al-Qaeda terrorist: “Code Name: Geranimo.”

It highlights details about the most dangerous covert operation in the history of the United States, begun under the Bush administration and completed under the Obama one—Hollywood style, of course.

And one of the movie characters describes the raid in the film this way: “The United States is going to be staking the presidency on this call.”

And the Democratic Party did. And now they hope it will pay off on Nov. 4, masking the other failures of the Obama administration regarding other national security issues, like the Secret Service scandal and the unpreparedness to thwart the Libya attack. But will the SEAL Team Six trailer be able to do all that?

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