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Recently declassified documents highlighted in the National Archives blog show that the United States Air Force had a secret project to build a flying saucer.

The X-Files-sounding plan was named “Project 1794″ and interestingly, wasn’t going to be developed domestically.

In the 1950s, the government contracted a Canadian company called Avro Aircraft Limited to build the seemingly UFO-inspired craft that would take off and land vertically.

The craft was planned to have a top speed that would reach Mach 4 and reach 100,000 feet.  The planned range was 1,000 nautical miles.

The final development summary called for a 18-24 month project with a budget topping $3 million to build a test craft.

The report stated that stabilization and control of the aircraft using propulsive jets could work.

It’s unclear from the one document posted online whether anything was ever built or tested.

Avro Aircraft did build a much less impressive flying saucer for the Army, although it looks more like a toy by today’s standards.

The Avrocar barely got off the ground and had a top speed of about 35 mph.  That project was scrapped in the 1960s after only two craft were built.

Video of a test flight of that vehicle is online. (See below)

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