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Lots of schools and government offices are closed down on the East Coast, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but the news of the day in Chicago includes none of that — just more about closings, Lincoln Elementary, ISBE’s smaller Race to the Top application, and a look at Air Force Academy High School.

On heels of strike, teachers union braces for school closure fight Jesse Sharkey, vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union, said CPS officials must release a list of proposed schools to close by Dec. 1. However, CPS also plans to expand its charter campuses — non-union schools that receive some public funding and …

Chicago in the 1960s: Black teachers revolt against racism Salon: Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) organizer Brandon Johnson, who is a black man, recently spoke about a conversation he had with veteran black educator Dr. Grady Jordan about racism in the schools today.

Lincoln Park school pushing cash-strapped CPS for new facility Chicago Sun-Times: “If somebody wants to write a $30 million check, we can do it, but right now we don’t have that money,” School Board President David Vitale told Chicago Sun-Times education reporter Rosalind Rossi on Wednesday.

State scales back on early childhood Catalyst:  Illinois lost its first bid for $70 million in the federal grant competition and is applying again in a special second round for runners-up, but is only eligible for up to $35 million this time around. Only six to eight high-need communities will get extra support under the state’s plan, down from 15 in the original proposal.

Air Force Academy High School Sets High Bars For Students ChicagoTalks: In the spring of 2013 the first senior class will graduate from AFAHS located in Armour Square on the Near South Side of Chicago.

Article: For Asians, School Tests Are Vital Steppingstones cpsobsessed: As we read last year, Asian students make up something like 75% of students at the city’s top HS, and there are something like 6 African American students out a few thousand.  So hard to believe that for all the moaning that goes on here about Tiers that NYC uses none of that.  Now there is a lawsuit being filed by the NAACP saying the process is unfair to black and hispanic students.

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